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Business Hacks: Nowadays's Business Opportunity To Try


In the midst of the era of internet technology advances that provide many conveniences, including in finding prospective business opportunities nowadays. Everyone could research and find out more business opportunities that are promising. ... Read full article

Revolusi Industry 4.0: If Businessman Does Not Did Escalate His Business Strategy


All things will be controlled by the internet. If businessmen are still unfamiliar with the internet, then how will they survive in this global business competition? One most important at this time is aware about the magical "internet of things"... Read full article

65.3 Percent of Indonesian Population Get Internet Literacy, Businessmen Must Go Online


The Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) noted that the projection of data on internet users in Indonesia in 2019 has reached 175 million users, or about 65.3 percent of the total population of Indonesia. This certainly make... Read full article

The reasons why do the Indonesian SMEs is only reach 5% of achieving "Go Digital?"


indonesian SMEs is only reach 5 percent of amount total businessman which is utilizing digital platform. There are several factors that have caused Indonesia's SME to experience a deceleration in business growth. What makes them in current condition?... Read full article

Beautiful Decoupage Soap Is Another Preference Of Creative Souvenirs & Gift


Lately soap souvenir has been fill up the demands in consumer goods. If we look at various kinds of souvenir, decoupage art has applied on woods, woven bags, paper, fabric, etc. Yet soap souvenir is also be able to decorated with decoupage technique.... Read full article

Want to Shop Batik in Jakarta? This is the place!


Indonesia is paradise of Batik. All people say it. But there are still many foreign visitors who ask: Can we buy Batik in Jakarta? Here are some places you can visit while in Jakarta. You can shop for quality batik clothing with various collection... Read full article

Educational Kids Toys From Wood, Cheap But Has Opportunities In Business World


Educational toys business seems to be one of the business opportunities that are quite profitable to pursue at this time. The reason, many of the parents are beginning to realize how important the toys they give to growth and intelligence of the baby... Read full article

How to Recognize Antique Furniture


What is actually called antique furniture? Antique goods or furniture are types of goods produced in the past with original conditions and are suitable for sale, but are no longer in production. Called antique goods because of its authenticity and ... Read full article