Electric Bass Made of Maple Wood, The Authentic Indonesian SMEs Products

For Beginner Electric Bass players are certainly sometimes confused especially those who have limited budget purchase. Then how can we have a good enough Electric Bass or qualified but still relatively affordable tailored to the progress of our skills to play Electric Bass.

From the source of sound, Bass is a Chordophone musical instrument. This tool is generally has 4 strings (There is also a bass that has 12 strings) and produces low notes. The modern bass has a guitar-like shape that just looks bigger and the neck is longer. The strings are bigger than the guitar, therefore the wood used to make this bass is wood that is stronger and solider than the guitar.

There are some things to consider when going to buy an electric bass , "pick up" is an important component in guitar and bass because it can affect the sound of the tool. By paying attention to the part of the bass we can better know where the location of the shortcomings and advantages, and it can help us when going to buy bass. Electric bass made of wood is now widely produced by UKM Indonesia. There are many types of wood that have a variety of patterns, textures, and even its different qualities.

At Smesco Indonesia, one of skilled Indonesian Smes sells their Electric Bass which made of maple wood. It offered with the range price IDR 2,5 million up to 5 million depends on its design. Wood material with a variety of maple patterns have a strong wood, thus this wood is usually used for neck, fretboard or top. the sound generated from maple is bright. maple samples and names based on their style.


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29 Nov 2017