Get to Know About Marble, The Enchanting Luxury Stone

Marble is kind of nature stone with different and varied textures and colors. Marble stone known for its unique texture and sparkling. To achieve maximal stone level, marble formed through crystallization process or metamorphic process wherein the process increases the pressure and temperature of the marble stone along with endogenous forces that encourage such processing to occur. The original marble style can not be uniformed because it has varies motifs naturally. The patterns produced on marble stones are the result of natural stone formation.

Marble stone that has been processed will become thick and hard-volume stone and has good texture and color due to chemicals, such as minerals that were previously found in marble rocks that known to be the side effects of metamorphic or crystallization processing. The function of marble stone is diverse. Marble stones are often found as homes decor, as stones used for floors, walls, etc. In addition, marble stone is also used as basic architectural material, as well as interior design such as home furniture, for example, table or chair. Marble stone is also used as a tombstone.

The reason why these stones are often chosen as home decor is because they have very beautiful look and are suitable for use as building decoration material and also easy to carve. Not only used as home equipment, but this type of stone is also present in various models of handicrafts.

Even in some areas, marble is used to neutralize acids because marble has calcium carbonate chemicals. In addition, marble stone is used as a therapeutic tool to cure certain diseases such as reducing inflammation or injury and others. It is the evident that marble stone has variety of benefit functions for us.

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09 Jul 2019