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Various Models of Pearl Necklaces And How to Care


For the price of pearl necklace, it is largely determined by pearl's size and type. What makes it expensive is the design, size and material of the necklace. The more complicated the way it is made, is the more expensive one. The most expensive price... Read full article

Choosing Pearl Ring and How to Take Care of It


Pearl rings are in the ranks of jewelry that is currently loved by many people. Pearls are hard objects produced from live mollusks. Calcium carbonate in crystals is the main element in making pearls. Choosing a good pearl is indeed easy and difficul... Read full article

Various Types of Agate in Indonesia


Indonesia has become a paradise for onyx ring lovers. Agate fever is likely to continue. With the many types of agate found in almost all regions of Indonesia, it seems that this country will become a paradise for agate lovers. Not only hunted by dom... Read full article

Lombok Pearl Necklace Models And Types


Women's accessories that are often wear besides rings are necklaces. Women are indeed very synonymous with necklaces, it won't look beautiful if you don't wear complementary accessories such as necklace. Of course there are various kind of necklaces ... Read full article

Show Your Elegant Style With an Artistic Handmade Stone Necklace


Talking about the women performance, will not to escape from accessories. Today, of course, you can find various types of unique accessories such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Of the many types of accessories that women wear, necklaces... Read full article