"Rumah Baju Ambu" - The House of Moslem Dress by Designer Lisma D Gumelar

Every woman will definitely wear a special party dress when it comes to an event's invitation. They would like to make the best appearance to be fashionable and elegant. This also applies not only to non-Muslim women but Muslim women also will certainly try to wear a beautiful party dress but still in accordance with the provisions.

At the rapid by the times of fashion trends has also had an impact on the emergence of a variety of new modern moslem clothes suited for all events. One example is a modern Muslim party dress model that comes with freshest designs and is perfect for today's Muslim women who want to looks more fashionable. The more Muslim women who wear Muslim clothes, it makes the designers got an idea to produce an inspiration design of Muslim party dress.

Party dress is a different clothes model with a dress which is used in everyday activities. Materials that are often used also has various kinds, such as satin, chiffon, brocade, and silk. The use of these materials will make a simple dress to look luxurious. One of Indonesian great designer for moslem fashion, Lisma D gumelar, had established the Rumah Baju Ambu since 2006. The collection by Lisma D Gumelar shortly always caught everyone's attention. 

The designs still meet the elements of shari'a, polite and does not give the impression of aurat and always stunning on its fashionable. Rumah Baju Ambu designs are not only for hooded muslimah, but for muslimah which have not wearing veil are also deserve to be worn. the composition of colors, trends, blends of material types, application selection (use of sequins, stones, etc.) are the main values of the design, and the use of corneli (yarn tile twist technique) taken from inspiration carvings scattered throughout Indonesia into distinctive details main. If you want to buy one of her collection, just catch it up at Smesco Trade!


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29 Nov 2017