The Variety of Indonesian Handicrafts at SME Tower Jakarta

Have a dream in self business or loking for local products made by local crafters from all corners of Indonesia?
Remember that Indonesia has a famous handicraft product that even has go globally. Each region in Indonesia has its own beauty that shows the culture of each region. Come to SME Gallery at SME Tower or Smesco Building in Jakarta. Here you will find dozens of SME products from all regions such as handicrafts, clothing, beauty products, and food. There are also handicrafts that offer unique accessories such as wooden bracelets, stones, pearl jewelry, to purses made of stingray leather. All handicraft products are come directly from the provinces of Indonesia. Because it can be said that in SME Tower, you will find all the handicraft products of Indonesia.

The Indonesian handicraft products are very attractive to the world market. Besides the uniqueness of the product, the price is cheaper with best quality. It also attracted the attention of the middle eastern countries. They were very impressed of desks and chairs made from scrap wood. Especially after the visit of Arab government to Smesco building earlier this year which considered that the style of handmade chairs, made by creative Indonesia craftsmen are very unique and has its own charm.

In addition, we can also find a wide selection of other Indonesian handicraft products that have international standart such as rattan handicrafts from Jambi province, shellfish craft display from Riau, wooden bracelets and fridge motifs puppets from Yogyakarta, various beads from Kalimantan , koteka, traditional clothes, bridal jewelry, to natural stone products are all available here. There are also various bracelets from Wamena, Papua made from dried orchid roots. It is beautiful and amazing.

Due to the large potential of Indonesian handicraft products, the Sme Tower decided to create an online shop to be able to reach wide market. is an official shooping website from Smesco featuring Indonesian products which also displayed in SME Tower. Facilitated easy payment system, is expected to be able to increase Smesco SME product sales, so the SMES will be increasingly motivated to create unique handicraft products.

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29 Nov 2017