Various Ornaments And Crafts From Bamboo Materials

Since ancient times, Indonesians have used bamboo plants in their daily lives. Used for build a house, cooking utensils, tableware, building equipment, and even used as weapons to confront the invaders. One of bamboo handicraft techniques that still used 'till today is woven crafts. There are a lot of Bamboo craft products in Indonesia. The motifs of woven bamboo in each region also vary, depending on the customs and culture that develops in the area.

Bamboo decoration is very common choice in Indonesian homes. Using this one decor accent also makes the corners of a simple room more natural. This is because Bamboo is one of nature element so that it can bring fresh impression.

Bamboo woven lampshades are quite common, both in public areas and in homes. In addition to presenting a natural impression, the emotion of warmth can be felt when using accents of bamboo lamp cover decoration. Some are sealed, like lanterns, some are half-shaped like a serving cap. The use of this decoration makes the lights in the room feels fainter so that it can create an intimate atmosphere.

Besides used for lamp decoration, bamboo handicrafts are present in many types of craft products, such as:
- Bamboo bells that produce very soft sound than wind chimes made of iron.
- Garden lamp
Straight and strong bamboo stems make it suitable as a lamppost for outdoor lighting. You can install it around the park or on the edge of the pool.

- Park bench
Maybe in your house there are also some furniture made of bamboo, such as chairs, tables, or even cabinets. Indeed the charm of bamboo plants is never run out by the times. Although the times is moving toward , the public interest in bamboo furniture is endless. Until now, bamboo craft and furniture is still much sought after by many people. Many furniture entrepreneurs in Indonesia also serve orders for bamboo furniture.

- Photo frame
If you want to give a room with bamboo impression, try to frame the photo or painting in the room with a photo frame made of bamboo. Unlike wooden photo frames with lots of expensive carvings, bamboo photo frames generally have cheaper price than wood or aluminum frames. In terms of aesthetics, it's really get it.

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02 Jul 2019