2nd Batik Fashion Fair 2017


Batik Fashion 2017 is an activity that displays various kinds of fashion works in the form of batik, Muslim fashion from all over the archipelago. The existence of batik as the identity and cultural heritage of the nation of Indonesia is growing both in terms of motives, patterns and decorations that have not been known by the wider community, where each region has a distinctive and distinctive style either in the form of cloth or ready to use that has high selling value and Should be known to the wider community. Therefore we are from PT. Debindo Mitra Tama holds the Exhibition of Fashion Batik 2017 as a means of promotion and marketing of batik fashion products and Muslim fashion to the public directly. Batik Fair Surabaya is the Group that reviews 2 Greatest Batik Exhibition in East Java that provides a variety of diversity of batik archipelago, Namely; 1. Batik Embroidery & Accessories Fair (Semester 1) 2. Batik Fashion (Semester 2) And this event is organized by PEO (Proffesional Exhibition Organizer) PT. Debindo Mitra Tama

Wed December 6, 2017
To: Sun - December 10, 2017
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Grand City Convex Surabaya

Jl. Walikota Mustajab No.1, Ketabang, Genteng

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