Asian Agriculture & Food Forum (ASAFF) 2018


INDONESIA is one of the countries that has the potential to become one of the main producers of food in the world. With 39,5 million hectares of agricultural land, consisting of 8,1 million hectares of paddy fields, 11,9 million hectares of plantations, and 19,5 million hectares of other agricultural land area, the country has a large capital to develop the agricultural industry, both to meet domestic demands as well as to export their commodities and products to other countries. HIMPUNAN KERUKUNAN TANI INDONESIA (HKTI) or Indonesia Farmer Association aware about the importance of agriculture and allied fields. In past decades, agriculture was only concentrated in production of food crops. But in recent decades, agriculture has been associated with a large number of opportunities related to the main source of food and raw materials for livelihood and also serves as major economic backbone to the country. Many Indonesian agricultural products of high quality are yet to appear in the global market. This is a big concern of HKTI to provide an exceptional opportunity to interact with world-class Agriculture decision makers from business, government, investors, the development community and farmers to establish innovation and collaborative approaches to achieving food and nutrition national security. Taking the momentum of ASIAN GAMES 2018 wherein Indonesia will be in global spotlight, HKTI takes initiative to conduct the ASIAN AGRICULTURE & FOOD FORUM (ASAFF) 2018 in Jakarta on June 28th – July 1st 2018. ASAFF 2018 is the access for produced the actionable recommendations for enhancing farmer access to finance, technology, knowledge and markets across the commodities focusing on agricultural sustainability, product innovation, food safety and collaboration along the food chain holistically to promote Indonesian products in the Asian Region and the global. With the theme “Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Agricultural Innovation and Food Security”, this event aims to become a synergy and collaboration event among Asian Corporation in Improving the positioning of Asian Agricultural Industry in the world. What’s On ASAFF 2018 Expo on Agriculture Food Sector Horticulture Sector Plantation Sector Fishery & Livestock Sector Supporting Industry Asian Agriculture Innovation Conference Theme: Agricultural Innovations toward Independency of Asia Food Security and Resilience Keynote: Agriculture Innovation System to Enhance Food Security Session 1 – The Agriculture Innovation Policy for Agriculture Development Session 2 – Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy for Agriculture Development Session 3 – Agricultural Research and Education: Learning from International Good Practices Session 4 – The Role of Business and Enterprises (Agricultural Value Chain Actors and Organizations) in Agriculture Innovation to Enhance Food Security Session 5 – Agriculture and Fourth Industrial Revolution: Building a Sustainable Food System Session 6 – Engaging and Educating Youth in Agriculture Innovation to Enhance Food Security Session 7 – Socio-Political Dimensions of Achieving Food Security & Agricultural Development in Rural Areas HKTI Business Forum Form of activities to be implemented are: Buyers meet sellers Presentation slot for product launching Networking opportunities Individual meeting with presenters Business lounge/dealing table Food Festival Theme: FOOD DestinASIAN Concept: “Traditional cuisines presentation that integrated with cuisines from representatives of Asian Countries” Why you should visit: An avenue for attendees to fully experience the entertainment, art and business of food showcasing the best in local, Asia, and international cuisine, cutting edge food technology and cooking techniques, and the best beverages. An opportunity to connect with all customers, irrespective of the socio-economic status and age The opportunity to promote enterprise by supporting the business, art and entertainment of food. Activities: Indonesian Culinary Bazaar ASAFF’s Participating Countries Culinary Bazar Indonesian Cultural Arts Performance ASAFF’s Participating Countries Cultural Arts Performance Education About Traditional Cuisines from Indonesia and ASAFF’s Participating Countries Business Matching Between Cultivators of ASAFF’s Participating Countries HKTI Innovation Award With the theme “The Key Role of Millennials in Transforming Indonesia’s Agriculture” this awarding event dedicated for young innovative entrepreneurs in Asian who develop ICT’s for agriculture solutions to support agricultural value chains, providing employment and livelihood opportunities.

Thu June 28, 2018
To: Sun - July 1, 2018
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Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

DKI Jakarta

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