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From Natural Resources to Creative Products for Lifestyle The diversity of cultures, races, and ethnics of Indonesia as an archipelago country are reflected in its variety of art and craft as an authentic Indonesian masterpiece. This combination of national art and craft, regardless of the values of local wisdom in it, is also one of the leading industrial sectors in the country where products are becoming trend positively and used in daily lifestyle especially among the youth. The development of Indonesian handicraft products is currently making a huge contribution to the economic growth in Indonesia. With the demands of the economy and the promising market opportunities, has made our local craft industries growing constantly with potential innovation and creativity. Supported by high buying power which is increasing every year, this also proves that the local handicraft products have competitive advantage in both domestic and international scale. In order to appreciate national handicraft products and promote high quality handicraft products, CRAFINA exhibition is back for the 9th time. CRAFINA is a craft exhibition initiated by the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) and Mediatama Binakreasi. The exhibition will indulge all Indonesian handicraft industry stakeholders with the showcase of high quality handicraft products as the trendsetter of Indonesian craft. With theme “From Natural Resources to Creative Products for Lifestyle”, this exhibition, which also a franchise of the INACRAFT series, will be displaying fashion products such as Batik, embroidery, songket, accessories, jewelry, and other interesting handicraft products. Finally, we are inviting you, all craftsmen of Indonesian handicraft industries to join us to present the best ideas, creations and innovations in your products as well as to make it becoming the trending lifestyle in our country and high selling products in domestic and international market. Exhibition Profile Event : CRAFINA 2017 Date : Oktober 11 – 25 , 2017 Exhibition : Main Lobby, Jakarta Convention Center Organizer : Asosiasi Eksportir dan Produsen Handicraft Indonesia (ASEPHI) Co-Organizer : Mediatama Binakreasi


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Wed October 11, 2017
To: Sun - October 15, 2017
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Jakarta Convention Center

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