Pameran SOLO GAPP EXPO 2018 (ke 4)


The exhibition "Agribusiness, Food & Fisheries Festival" which featured progress on AGRIBUSINESS, FOOD & FISHERIES, the GAPP exhibition in Solo was the 4th exhibition. Many excellent products in this field are displayed so many regions take part in the GAPP EXPO exhibition. For this reason, we invite provincial, district and city governments, BUMN, BUMD, private companies and the world of industrial and service businesses throughout Indonesia to be able to make the most of this event by participating as exhibitors. Info and contact: For information and participation, please contact the organizing committee of the exhibition: PT. CITRA MEDIA PROMOSINDO, JAKARTA Contact: Meri Lusiana (Mobile 0852 8700 1323) & Andis AR (0853 1050 2582) Email:


Meri Lusiana

Phone: +62852 8700 1323

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Sat September 22, 2018
To: Sun - September 23, 2018
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Solo Paragon Mall

Solo, Jawa Tengah

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