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Find all the best quality Indonesian garment products here! This is site for you to find all Indonesian garment products with various choices. This is the interactive meeting place and source for the apparel, leather and other garment industries.

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Rungkut Megah Raya Blok J-11
Surabaya, Jawa Timur

Unggul Jaya Batik


Unggul Jaya Batik is direct producer that manufacturing hand painted and printed Batik. Located in Solo, This Batik designed by designer and people around Solo, Central Java. The products are comfortable to wear as well as affordable price.

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Jl. Angkatan 45 No. 39 Pekalongan
Jawa Tengah, Jawa Tengah

Batik Situbondo Dominated With Marine Biota Motifs


Situbondo Batik is an original batik craft from Situbondo Regency. The regency is located on the north coast of East Java. Besides the amazing natural beauty, this regency also keeps the beauty of batik cloth. Most of these batik use shells motifs ... Read full article

Modern Women's Tops Batik Suitable For All Occasions


Various models of batik clothing for teenage to adult women, whether you choose a long or short sleeve shirt model, are the best models in combining with pants or skirts that you can use when attending an official or non formal and casual events such... Read full article

Weaving Fabrics in Indonesia Come in Various Motives


Not only Batik, Indonesia also famous for beautiful another fabrics that have a special interest for foreign tourists who visiting Indonesia so that the fabric has become global. Weaving is one of the beautiful fabrics from Indonesia that has been ... Read full article

The Authentic Lombok Weaving Fabric Made by the Sasak Tribe


Lombok is one of the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. If you traveling to Lombok, besides enjoying the beaches, don't forget to stop to Sukarara Village, Jonggat sub-district, Central Lombok. This village is famous as weaver village.... Read full article

Silk Batik As Premium Batik Has High Demand In Market


Silk fabrics are fabrics made of silk, both natural silk from silkworm cocoons, and synthetic silk resulting from chemical processes. The characteristic of this silk material is glow like pearls when there is a light hits the fabric. This is beause ... Read full article

Batik Gedog From Tuban - East Java


Batik Gedog is one of the traditional products that proof the cultural richness of Tuban - one of regency in East Java located on the north coast of Java island. Gedog is a typical batik of Tuban. The motives are everything we usually encounter in ... Read full article

The Embroidery Art in Indonesia


Tasikmalaya city is one of central areas of embroidery industry in Indonesia and embroidery is the city's superior product. Tasik embroidery cloth is the absorption product from Chinese culture. But thanks to skilled and resilient hands, embroidery... Read full article

Well Known Traditional Cultural Product, Batik Has Rapidly Growing In This Modern Trend Fashion


Today's batik clothing model is growing rapidly from year to year which has now experienced rapid development. Batik is a tradition of painting on Indonesian original fabric. The fabrics are painted with various unique and distinctive motifs.... Read full article