Batik is An Amazing Art

Batik Art is a technique of drawing on cloth use wax and canting as materials and tools. According to experts and art experts, the notion of batik is very diverse, many opinions that explain this batik theory. But, we all already know that batik is one of the arts of Indonesian people. Batik is one of the applied works of art that can be used for various needs such as clothing, craft, etc. Lots of sources have explained about batik and its daily application.

Batik culture, which is the local culture of the archipelago has developed very rapidly to foreign countries. Batik is one of the best icons and the biggest asset of Indonesia. Batik Art is one of the techniques to decorate cloth with several processes carried out. The process of batik consists of the process of writing, dyeing using fabric dyes and heating to clean wax that is still left on the fabric and coloring which not perfect yet.

Previously we knew that batik fashion is only limited to a small scope, maybe, because it has not been so widespread as today. However, along with the development and increasingly widespread culture, this work is so bloom. Batik culture has become the number one object of cultural development, especially in Indonesia.

Making batik is like meditation because people can think about what happened that day while drawing batik motifs or coloring cloth. Batik, which in 2009, precisely on October 2, has been designated as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Nonbendawi Culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity), must preserve. There are many ways that we can do, one of the easiest is to find out what batik is. Beginning with curiosity, interest will slowly arise. This can later lead to a sense of love. When we love, of course we will always look after it.



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20 Aug 2019