Batik Jeans Bring New Innovation

Since Batik was set by Unicef to be an authentic Indonesian cultural heritage, Batik artisans have ceaselessly created a variety of new and modern Batik creations. Unmitigated, jeans material did not escape from the touch of Batik artists. Batik Jeans is classified as a new innovation that began to show up in the beginning of 2010. Indeed, there have been many causes and pros among Batik artists themselves, but the market will later determine whether this product is accept or not.

Bringing two different cultures together, that is the opinion of Batik artisans when they introduce this Batik jeans innovation. These Batik jeans were first produced and sold in Pekalongan, Central Java. You can buy these jeans in fabric or apparel such as shirts to dresses. There are two kinds jeans, manufacture jeans and hand woven jeans or use ATBM (Non-Machine Weaving Tools). The craftsmen say Batik on jeans is harder than in ordinary fabrics. They claimed the quantity of ink used reached 10 times more than ordinary Batik and the quality of the ink used must be premium in order not to fade fast. The process of sticking of candle will be more difficult, because the liquid wax must penetrate the larger jeans material. This applies to all Batik techniques, both written and stamped. The condition of the liquid wax must be protected to penetrate the jeans but not blown (wide) to the side of the motif.

In addition to the more complex manufacturing process, the sewing process is also more complicated. So it is not surprise that Batik jeans have a higher price than cotton batik.

One of the most popular applications from the market is Batik jeans jacket. This Batik jeans jacket is very universal, because it can be used by both men and women, and will create an exclusive impression, where in general jeans jackets have no motif and only one color. The jacket model is indeed very varied, so ordering this batik jeans jacket will be more attractive, when consumers are given the freedom to determine the jacket model according to the wishes of each consumer. The making of this Batik jeans jacket takes about 3-4 days, so that you can design your own Batik model.

While for the treatment, it is not as complicated as general Batik. Batik craftsmen say that Batik Jeans will not fade off even though it is washed like clothes or other jeans.

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21 Feb 2019