Clay Craft Products Will Be Great For House Decoration

Clay is a natural material found in nature. Clay comes from weathering the earth's crust, which is mostly composed of feldspatic rock, granite, and igneous rock. The earth's crust consists of silicon, oxygen, and aluminum elements. Geothermal activity causes weathering of silica rock by carbonic acid, from which clay is formed.

Clay is a soft material that can be formed and easily converted into a very beautiful handicraft. What are clay handicrafts? Did you know that in ancient times, clay was the basic material of handicrafts that was widely used by people in Indonesia.

Many handicraft products made from clay, one of is ashtray. Ashtray is an item that is used to dispose cigarettes dust. Usually placed on the living room table or terrace to prepare when there are guests who smoke. Ashtrays can be made of various materials, one of is clay. Made by experienced craftsmen, the shape of the ashtray is not only comes in ordinary round but can formed into various forms such as turtle ashtrays, ashtrays in fruit form, leaf ashtrays, goose ashtrays and others.

Beside ashtrays, clay is also a basic material for sculptures and is often used for house decoration. Ranging from artistic abstract sculptures to simple clay sculptures in animals or plants forms, can be an attractive choice to decorate the interior. Motifs and shapes come in vary, animal shapes, squares, or even like jug.

Actually clay is a very easy material for miniatures crafts, its soft and supple texture makes it easier to shape than to make miniatures from bamboo. One of them is character miniatures like the picture above. You can also make sculptures handicrafts that you want using clay.
You only need clay, water, and plastic. Mix clay with water, then you can stir it. If you have a mold sculpture, you can use the mold to make a clay sculpture. After the clay and water are mixed, you can shape the clay into the statue you want. After the sculpture is finished, you can tidy up and smooth the parts. To make it more interesting, you can give some colors based the shape of your statue.



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26 Sep 2019

By indonesia products