Phyton Snakeskin For Unique Fashion Craft, Hand Bag, Wallet Up To Hat

Women and bags are two things that are very difficult to be separated. As a fashion equipment, stylish range of women bags are continue to be developed, both in terms of materials and models. Well, one of the unique women's bag now is a phyton snakeskin bag. This condition encourages the emergence of producers of python snakeskin bag in Indonesia.

Most of women consumers love the bag with clutch mode or party bag. Well, at the entering earlier this year, the trend of piton leather bags leads to large sized bags like Webe and Hermes models. For color choices, consumers generally love bright colors, such as pink, orange, green, red, brown, and golden colors. Phyton snakeskin is one of the leather fashion craft which is preferred by lovers of leather products. Python snakeskin craft has unique scales and motifs on the snakeskin bag has its own charm for its lovers.

The natural scales of the snakeskin purse is one of the things in the guard or in maintaining so that it can produce snakeskin bags that looks natural and exotic. Each of the scales on snakeskin bag has different motifs depending on the type of snakeskin used. The scale level of snake skin bag also depends on the type of snake, size, and age of the snake. Generally, the older or bigger the snake the greater the scales found in the snake skin bag.

Natural motif on snake skin bag is the congenital motif of snake skin, so that the difference of motif level of snake skin bag is diverse. Each snake skin bag carries the motive of snake skin raw material. The genuine leather bag of snake skin that has beautiful scales and motifs will lift the selling price of the snake skin bag. There are various motifs and sizes of scales on the snake skin bag. This is what makes a snake skin bag something special for you to have.

In smescotrade this snakeskin accessories are offered start from IDR 900,000 to millions. You can find beautiful bags for women and men made from genuine phyton skin. It also available in multiple colors as well as multicolor and various models such as webe, clutch, hobo, botega, hermes, speedy, vika, and ceiline. Super quality at competitive prices!

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27 Nov 2017