Silk Batik As Premium Batik Has High Demand In Market

Silk fabrics are fabrics made of silk, both natural silk from silkworm cocoons, and synthetic silk resulting from chemical processes. The characteristic of this silk material is glow like pearls when there is a light hits the fabric. This is beause of the fibroin layers (a type of protein produced by silkworms).

Silk Batik is Batik motif made on silk fabric so that it is called Batik silk fabric. Known as one of the fabrics that is quite popular among Batik lovers, silk Batik fabrics do have very good quality because they offer comfort and softness.

The process of Batik making on silk fabric is mostly done in manual steps. This called as hand-writing Batik. Then, colored and decorated according to the pattern planned by the Batik artist. Apart from manual, there are also silk Batik made using machines. But from the comparison of the two, the price of manual silk Batik is much higher because of the exclusivity that usually every Batik artist has its own characteristic motif but not owned by other Batik artist or other areas.

The combination of traditional Batik processes and the use of silk makes Batik Sutra (silk) has known since a long ago as the exclusive item of Batik. Beside shirt clothes or modern dress material, the silk Batik is also usually available in sarongs that can be combined with modern neutral colored kebaya.

The buyers are very apreciate written silk Batik because the fabric is soft and comfortable to use.

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23 Apr 2019