Types of Wood That Often Used for Crafts

Wood is a material that always be a friend for human, and now wood craft for fashion has become a popular trend, with several products including watches, wooden bags, wooden glasses, and wooden wallets. The use of wood is not only focused on furniture and equipment.

Basically there are two types of wood: hard wood and soft wood. You might think that hard wood is stronger than soft, but actually this is just a classification for the type of tree, and does not refer to the level of hardness or its quality. Soft wood is wood that comes from a type of tree whose its seeds not have or not covered by block part, such as pine trees. Conversely, hardwood comes from trees whose seeds are found in fruit bodies, such as maples. In terms of characteristics, softwood has a density and tenuous structure, so it is easy to destroy and is often used for paper base material, and hardwood is often used for furniture because of its denser and harder structure.

Several Types of Softwood
Cedar (Cemara): Often used because it has a distinctive fragrance, as well as a unique red color. Cedar also has good moisture resistance, therefore this kind of wood often used for home furniture and building exteriors.

Pine: Highly favored by woodworkers because the veins resemble teak wood. This wood is often used for furniture products.

Redwood: Although its characteristics are similar to cedar, the color of redwood looks redder, and is also stronger than cedar. The price is more expensive.

Several Types of Hardwood
Mahogany (Mahogany): Mahogany wood is very beautiful for accessories or decorations, because it has very good veins and dark brown color that gives antique impression. The price is more expensive than others.

Chico Zapote (Sawo): Available in pink to dark reddish brown, and is often used for small wooden accessories, furniture, and flooring. Has a very strong resistance, to weather and insects.

Sonokeling (Rosewood): Has a smooth texture, with straight but sometimes wavy fibers. Relatively more difficult to do, but strong and very resistant to termites and mold.

Maple: Available in two types: soft and hard. However, many artisans prefer soft because it is easier to process, and has good veins and the price is cheaper than the hard type. Hard Maple is often used for music equipment and cutting boards.

Walnut: Known for its color, and the price is quite expensive so it is more often used for making shelves and the outer layer of furniture.

Teak: This wood is very popular and some types are hard to find. Overall, this wood is very weather resistant and has golden color, and is often used for outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as kitchen tools such as spoons, plates and others.

Hopefully with this information, you can choose the type of wood that is suitable for your wood craft products better, and also better understand the material used by Indonesian woodworkers.



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29 Aug 2019